State Abortion Access Network Celebrates the Confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court

The following press statement is issued jointly by the 13 organizations that make up the State Abortion Access Network — Avow, Cobalt, Pro-Choice Connecticut, Pro-Choice Maryland, Pro-Choice Minnesota, Pro-Choice Missouri, Pro-Choice North Carolina, Pro-Choice Ohio, Pro-Choice Oregon, Pro-Choice Virginia, Pro-Choice Washington, Pro-Choice Wyoming, and Reproductive Equity Now.

The United States Senate voted today to confirm Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court. Justice Jackson brings to the bench over a decade of judicial experience, including eight years as a federal judge, tenure as a public defender, and service on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Justice Jackson is the first Black woman confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, an historic and long overdue step toward ensuring our highest court reflects the people it serves.

Jeanine Morales, Deputy Director, Pro-Choice Oregon: “Today I am among the Black women across America who celebrate the confirmation of future-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first person who looks like me to ever be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States. This historic “first” does not erase our country’s shameful history of slavery and oppression, but representation matters, and today is a powerful, joyful, needed next step towards healing our nation’s racist legacy. Future-Justice Jackson will serve as an inspiration for Black women leaders for generations to come.”

Dani Newsum, Director of Strategic Partnership, Cobalt: “It’s about time! Representation matters, and confirming Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as a Supreme Court Justice represents a step forward for this nation. She is unquestionably qualified, and someone who will be a strong asset to the Court and its future rulings. Serving as a public defender reinforces a bedrock principle of American law - that everyone deserves a lawyer. We strongly support her nomination and look forward to having her on the Supreme Court.”

Rebecca Hart Holder, Executive Director, Reproductive Equity Now: “Today’s confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court is a major win for justice in the United States—and a major win for the reproductive freedom movement. With the Supreme Court poised to dismantle Roe this summer, we are grateful to have a Justice on the bench that will be a staunch defender of reproductive freedom. Though Justice Jackson won’t play a role in the Dobbs decision, this big abortion case won’t be the Supreme Court’s last. The anti-abortion movement is on a crusade to overturn the laws of our land, from abortion protections to access to contraception. Justice Jackson understands what is at stake, and we’re confident she will be a fierce fighter for reproductive equity in the Halls of Justice.”

Kellie Copeland, Executive Director, Pro-Choice Ohio: “The confirmation of Judge Jackson is important, both because of the knowledge and experience she brings to the High Court, but also the ground-breaking representation in having the first Black woman to become a Supreme Court Justice. The racist and sexist motivations of those who have attempted to smear her are unacceptable in the U.S. Senate or anywhere else. What we have seen over the last month is disgraceful treatment of an individual who has shown nothing but the highest regard for her nation and the law. These detractors underscore how important her ascension truly is.”

Kia Guarino, Executive Director, Pro-Choice Washington: “The historic and overdue confirmation of future-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court is a much needed light. As a fierce protector of reproductive freedom, future-Justice Jackson will play an essential role in the future of abortion rights and the access to contraception. Her ascension to the High Court is an incredible and essential boon for health equity.”

Tara Romano, Executive Director, Pro-Choice North Carolina: “As the first Black woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation is historic, and a critical investment in the future of our judiciary.  To ensure equality and justice for all people, not just for the wealthy and powerful few, we need judges like Judge Jackson on the bench to bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to our legal system. Judge Jackson’s extensive and impressive legal qualifications and expertise make her ascension to the highest court a tremendous step forward for all of us.”

Lily Bolourian, Executive Director, Pro-Choice Maryland: "After weeks of disturbing, anti-Black smears against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, I applaud the Senate for finally confirming her to the high court, and congratulate future-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and her family on this historic appointment. I look forward to political action to expand the Supreme Court so that more justices with a record of protecting reproductive healthcare access can join future-Justice Brown Jackson and her colleagues to offset some of the damage inflicted upon the most marginalized in our communities by a tainted Supreme Court."

Tarina Keene, Executive Director, Pro-Choice Virginia: “The confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a long awaited, long overdue monumental accomplishment for our country and one of which every American should be proud. Despite enduring hours of denigrating questions and days of character attacks, Judge Jackson has proven time and again to be a brilliant and unflappable jurist worthy of this consequential job. As the first Black woman appointed and seated on our nation’s highest Court, there is no doubt her exceptional intellect and lived human experience will bring a powerful force to the deliberations of the Court.”


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