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Who We Are

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Pro-Choice North Carolina is a statewide organization that works exclusively to protect and advance the reproductive rights of all North Carolinians. We advocate for rights to and support of whatever reproductive healthcare decisions people make for themselves, including preventing pregnancy, accessing abortion, and carrying a pregnancy safely to term. We advocate with the strong majority of North Carolinians who believe people should be able to access abortion safely and with dignity, and without government interference.

What We Do

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We organize our thousands of activists across the state to raise our voices for access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare options, including abortion. Our activists work to change stigmatizing narratives around abortion and sexual and reproductive health, and to challenge misinformation. We will share our stories and voices with our communities, the media, and elected officials.

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We work to advance local and state legislation to protect and expand reproductive freedom and abortion access in our state, and to prevent the passage of anti-abortion and regressive policies and laws.  We work with our allies to ensure a North Carolina where everyone has the support, care, and resources they need to thrive. 


We envision a world where people can access the full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion, when they need it and the communities where they live. No one should be denied access to care because of income, zip code, age, or immigration status.  

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We hold elected officials accountable for advancing reproductive rights, health, justice, and abortion access for all North Carolinians.

Our History


NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina founded


Played instrumental role in the passing of legislation to protect access to abortion clinics.


  • Sent more than 5,000 North Carolinians to the March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC.
  • Endorsed 44 candidates for statewide office, 88% of whom were elected.


  • Released Choosing Lies and Deception: Crisis Pregnancy Centers in North Carolina study.
  • Increased the Women's Health Services Fund by $200,000, the first increase in public funds for family planning in 13 years.
  • Instrumental in passing of legislation to correct medical inaccuracies and reduce bias against gays and lesbians in North Carolina’s sexuality education statute, the first piece of proactive legislation on reproductive health to get a vote in ten years.


Launched the first ever door-to-door pro-choice canvas in the South (through March 2009).


Began investigation of North Carolina's Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


Published 1st CPC Report: The Truth Revealed- North Carolina’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


  • Inspired 67,300 North Carolinians to take action to defeat bills limiting contraceptive coverage and requiring notarized parental consent for reproductive health care and counseling.
  • Oppose Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) law campaign launched.


Launched Campus Leader internship program, engaging college and university students across North Carolina in abortion and reproductive rights advocacy and education on their campuses.


Published second report on crisis pregnancy centers, The Landscape of CPCs: North Carolina’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


  • Passed 3 local resolutions calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment.
  • Led the fight in North Carolina against Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Defeated the anti-abortion SB 359 when the NC House upheld Governor Cooper's veto, making North Carolina the only state in the South to defeat this kind of bill.


Passed a fourth local resolution calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, making North Carolina the state with the most local resolutions in the U.S.


Disaffiliated from NARAL Pro-Choice America and rebranded as Pro-Choice North Carolina

Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation

Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation is our organization’s research, education, and outreach arm. Our Foundation works to support and protect access to all reproductive health care options and the ability for each North Carolinian to make reproductive health decisions that are best for them and their family. We advance our mission through advocacy, community education, and civic engagement. We work with policymakers to defend against anti-abortion attacks and advocate for policies that protect and advance reproductive rights. We also work to educate our community about the impacts of harmful restrictions, punishing policies, and stigma on the reproductive health and freedom of our communities.

Meet Our Staff

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Board of Directors

Pro-Choice North Carolina

Lori Bunton, Secretary

Jill Sergison, Chair

Ashley Simmons

Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation

A. Jenna Beckham, MD, MSPH, FACOG, Chair 

Trude Bennett, Secretary

Tara Corbett

Jordin Dickerson

Harper Eisen

Valerie Ann Johnson, PhD

Chalina Morgan-Lopez

Heysoll Rodriguez

We are currently recruiting for new Board Directors for 2025! Learn more about our boards and view the board application.

Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC

Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC provides endorsements and helps elect candidates who support reproductive health, rights justice, and abortion access, and we work to actively defeat anti-abortion opponents.

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