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Fully Funded by Private Donors

100% of Pro-Choice North Carolina’s funding comes from private sources—from people like you—who believe individuals should have unlimited autonomy concerning their reproductive lives without government interference.

You can help secure, protect, and advance the reproductive rights of all North Carolinians by donating to Pro-Choice North Carolina or the Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation

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Pro-Choice North Carolina: While not tax-deductible, gifts to Pro-Choice North Carolina are the best way to support the aggressive political work necessary to advance legislation to protect and expand reproductive freedom in our state and prevent the enactment of regressive anti-abortion policies.

The Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation: If you prefer to make a tax-deductible gift, consider contributing to the Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation. Gifts to the Foundation support critical research, education, and outreach initiatives.

However you choose to support the fight for reproductive freedom for all North Carolinians, we are grateful for your generosity and for your partnership!

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Donate to the Pro-Choice
North Carolina Foundation

Sustained Giving: Join the Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is the growing family of Pro-Choice North Carolina supporters who provide a steady and dependable stream of income to fund the fight for true reproductive freedom in our state by making ongoing monthly donations! Automatic credit card deductions are scheduled at your convenience—with two options for monthly giving—continue until you ask us to stop. Sustained giving ensures more of your donation fuels our critical work to protect the reproductive rights of all North Carolinians.

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Give Monthly to the Pro-Choice
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More Ways to Give

Gifts by check—including gifts from your donor-advised fund or other third parties—should be mailed to:

4711 Hope Valley Road
Suite 4F-509
Durham, NC 27707

Please make your checks payable to Pro-Choice North Carolina or the Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation. 

As we continue to navigate our separation from NARAL Pro-Choice America, checks payable to NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina or the NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation will still be accepted. The Pro-Choice North Carolina Tax ID (32-0117915) remains unchanged.

Gifts of stock are accepted for donations of $1,000 or more. For instructions on making a stock transfer, please contact Toni Curry at (919) 424-7701 or

While most people think of cash gifts when considering donations to Pro-Choice North Carolina, there are several alternative ways to support the fight for reproductive rights in North Carolina. Learn more about all the options and choose the one that’s right for you:

piggy bank in office

Workplace Giving

An easy and convenient way to maximize your gift.

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Last Will and Testament Concept

Planned Giving

Leave a legacy of choice for North Carolinians.

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Donate a Vehicle

Turn your old car into cold cash! We'll even pick it up.

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House Parties

Maximize your impact by bringing your friends, family, or co-workers together to eat, drink, and donate!

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Give Your Time

Looking for other ways to contribute? We have some ideas on how you can Take Action!