2022 Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC Endorsements

The Pro-Choice North Carolina Political Action Committee (PAC) is excited to endorse the following candidates for North Carolina races, and there are many great candidates and pro-choice champions running for office in North Carolina this year.  Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC does not have the capacity to endorse in all races, but we are happy to share these endorsements with you. Please check back for endorsement and election updates!

Some criteria the Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC considered that contribute to our endorsement list include: Strategic districts and races where a pro-choice champion can make a difference; diversity of the candidates; and, for incumbents, votes taken on issues that will advance reproductive freedom for all North Carolinians.

The Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC is a nonpartisan committee.

Websites for all of the candidates are provided so voters can learn more about each endorsed candidate. An "*" indicates an incumbent who currently serves in that district and "**" indicates an incumbent who is running in a newly redrawn district or for a new office.


Julie von Haefen* (HD-36): https://juliefornc.com/

Christine Kelly (HD-37): https://christinekellyfornc.com/

Carla Catalán Day (HD-74): https://www.electcarla.com/

Lindsey Prather (HD-115): https://www.pratherfornc.com/

Caleb Rudow** (HD-116): https://www.rudowfornchouse.com/


Marcia Morgan (SD-7): https://www.marciamorganforncsenate.com/

Natalie Murdock* (SD-20): https://natalie-murdock.com/

Graig Meyer** (SD-23): https://www.graigmeyer.com/

Natasha Marcus* (SD-41): https://natashamarcus.com/

Julie Mayfield* (SD-49): https://mayfieldforncsenate.com/


For more information on voting, including one-stop early polling locations and hours and to see a sample of your ballot, please see the North Carolina State Board of Elections website: https://www.ncsbe.gov/ Please note there are still a few more primaries this July, so your sample ballot will likely not be ready until closer to the election.

**Voter I.D. is not required in 2022!**

You can also find nonpartisan voter information and FAQs in English and Spanish at ncvoter.org.

As we still navigate voting during a global pandemic, many people are taking advantage of North Carolina’s absentee ballot option: https://www.ncsbe.gov/voting/vote-mail. 

You can also check and update your registration here: https://www.ncsbe.gov/registering

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  You must already be registered to vote at your current address in order to vote on Election Day.  The last day to register to vote in North Carolina in the 2022 election is Friday, October 14!  Check your registration here, and if you need to register or correct your registration, you can find the information to do so here. 

You can still register and vote the same day during early voting (October 20-November 5), but don't wait - register today! If you have a problem at the polls on Election Day, you can still ask for and fill out a provisional ballot.

All elections are important!  And some years, like this year, your ballot may be long, and include local, state, and federal offices.  It is critical that you make your voting plan NOW, whether that is one-stop early voting in-person, voting by mail, or voting in-person on Election Day.  Voting experts recommend that whether in-person or by mail, voting early allows you the most flexibility.

If you have trouble voting, call 1-888-OUR-VOTE  (1-888-687-8683) from the polling place as soon as you are able.

There are numerous volunteer roles you can fill at the polls, such as being a Vote Protector.  You can find out more and sign up here: https://democracync.org/take-action/election-protection/

This election will be like no other - abortion access in North Carolina is on the ballot! Join us in making your plan to go vote!

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