Join us to #MapOurFuture!

Much in our immediate future will depend on the outcomes of the election (November 8 - are you registered?!), but we also have a SCOTUS case this term out of North Carolina that could negatively impact our elections, and our very democracy, for generations.

Join us with our partners Southern Coalition for Social Justice to discuss Moore v Harper and why the argument at the heart of this case is undemocratic, dangerous, and racist. (basically, this "legal theory" would allow state legislatures to run roughshod over voters).

Like the Dobbs case that overturned Roe, this case should have never been taken up by the Court. But here we are - more evidence that anti-abortion justices are also anti-democracy.

There will be a virtual event at 5:30pm on zoom. Register here!

There will then be an in-person event in Durham at 7pm. Register here:

We hope to see some of you on zoom or in person. Join us to #MapOurFuture! #PeopleOverPolitics

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