It’s Election Day!!

Election Day 2022 is finally here!! Are you ready to go vote? Reproductive rights and abortion access are on the ballot!

Polls will be open from 6:30am-7:30pm across the state today. Find your polling place, print out your sample ballot, and mark your schedule with the time you will go vote. 

Keep in mind that polling places are often busiest first thing in the morning and right before they close. If your schedule is flexible, you can try to vote at off-peak hours to avoid long lines. Remember - if you are in line by 7:30pm, you will be able to vote.  

Be sure to check with family and friends about their voting plans. If they live nearby, you may be able to go vote together! 

You can find the Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC endorsed candidates on our website. The outcome of our state legislative races will determine if we can keep abortion legal in our state, or if we will end up with a ban in 2023. Your vote for pro-choice candidates can and will make a difference!

If you experience any problems at the polls, or have questions about voting, you can call the NC Election Protection Hotline at 1-888-OUR-VOTE (1-888-687-8683). 

Call the hotline before you leave the polling place so you can address any problems as quickly as possible. You can find more information about this resource on our website. 

Every election is important, and the stakes are high in this critical midterm election. Many of these important races will be decided by a small margin of votes, particularly in local and state races - every vote really does count, so be sure to vote your whole ballot. 

If you have voted already, thank you so much! Can you check in with your family and friends to see if they have voted, or if they need help voting? That kind of outreach really does make a difference. 

Thank you for being a voter! 

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